Discover your German-American Roots

Grassroots Relations is a digital platform for everybody interested in the influence of German culture and its profound impact on the life and development of the United States.

Our goal is to reach the German-American community and all those interested in the bond that connects Americans and Germans through culture and history. We address the question: who are the German Americans and what fundamentals underlie their appearance in U.S. society.

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Bonn Brandt @BrandtBonn

Bonn Brandt, is an independent journalist, writer, and broadcaster working in traditional and new media.

He is the Editor in Chief for Grassroots Relations

Bonn was the editor of the online photo journal Visual Independence (2010-2013). Since 2015 he distributes the art newsletter Visual Independent/State of the art. He is a contributing writer for Art Investment for Dummies.

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Jans Bock-Schroeder

Jans Bock-Schroeder is the publisher of Grassroots Relations

After the passing of German photojournalist Peter Bock-Schroeder in 2001 he established the Bock-Schroeder Foundation. Since that time he markets the works of his late father on the international photo art market.

On January 27th 2021 he launched

JBS @LinkedIn

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