German American Topics

German-American writer and cartoonist at his desk

Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss

March 25, 2021 by Che Eckert

One of the most successful children’s book authors, illustrators, political cartoonists, poets and animators of all times

Subversive as hell

Americans with German Ancestry by state according to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey in 2019

Statistics and Facts

March 1, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

Today, more than 40 million Americans claim German ancestry.

Eins, zwei, drei ...

Brass Band in front of a Delicatessen in New York

German American Food

February 17, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

Many original German dishes are a natural part of American cuisine.


US President Abraham Lincoln with the forty eighters

The Forty-Eighters

February 11, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

In 1848, political revolution swept across Europe, the leaders of this movement were called "Forty-Eighters"


Poster Marshall Plan

Mega-project: Marshall Plan

February 8, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

The Marshall Plan had many motives: goodwill, promotion of a strong, united Europe against the Eastern Bloc, but also of the American economy. An impoverished Europe was no good as a trading partner.

European Recovery Program

Ludwig mies van der rohe with model of the seagram building

From Barn to Skyscaper

February 4, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

Although more Germans have immigrated to the United States than any other ethnic group, the legacy of German architecture often remains unnoticed.

German-American Architecture

historical painting of a newspaper editorial office in Philadelphia

German American Journalism

February 2, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

In 1739, Palatine-born Christoph Saur established America's first German-language printing press in the settlement of Germantown.

Freedom of the Press

US Flag and German Flag.

German American Day

February 1, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

President Ronald Reagan declared October 6 German-American Day on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the founding of Germantown.

German American ancestry

Cartoon of German emigrants boarding a steamer in Hamburg, Germany, 1874.

German Immigrants and their Religions

January 29, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

The arriving German immigrants were Catholics, Protestant, Lutherans, Swiss Mennonites, Baptist Dunkers, Schwenkfelders, Moravians, Amish, Jews, and Waldensians as well as freethinkers.

German Immigration and faith

Fence at Ausschwitz Concentration camp

Shoa, humanity's darkest moment

January 27, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

A line must never be drawn under the investigation of the 12-year reign of terror of the Nazi regime.

The Shoa

Immigrant on Ellis Island looking at Staue of Liberty

Who are the German-Americans ?

January 25, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

German emigration to the USA starts at the end of the 17th century.


Washington crossing Delaware

Fight for Independence

January 24, 2021 by Bonn Brandt

Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben's training of the troops is considered one of the decisive factors in the victory of the American War of Independence.

American Revolution